14 Pumpkin Recipes For You To Try This Fall

A collection of delicious Pumpkin Recipes from Saffrontrail.com

14 Pumpkin Recipes For You To Try This Fall

1. Roasted Pumpkin and Lemongrass Soup - mild pumpkin paired with bold flavours from ginger and lemongrass, gets a whole new personality - this soup is so fall ready! 

2. Sweet Sour Spicy Pumpkin Soup - Pumpkin Chaaru, a South Indian recipe, where tamarind, spice powder and a bit of sweetness from jaggery come together to make a mouthwatering soup. You can sip this as it is, or mix some chaaru with rice and slurp from a bowl

3. Pumpkin, Lentils and Spring Onion Soup- this soup is just what the doctor ordered to keep you warm on cold evenings, keep the bread handy!

4. Stew of Pumpkin, Lentils and Sweet Potato - a one pot filling and healthy dish perfect for fall or winter or rainy evening.

5. Marinated Tofu and Pumpkin Rice - great to carry in a lunchbox or as an Asian main course dish for a quick dinner

6. Pumpkin Raita - or a South Indian style pumpkin and yogurt dish, makes an excellent vegetarian side dish or as an addition to a simple Indian menu

7. Punjabi style sweet and sour Pumpkin Subzi - Kaddu ki subzi, popular in Punjabi homes, pairs best with puris or deep fried Indian bread

8. Vegetarian Parsi Dhansakh - this curry is a mix of lentils, vegetables and freshly ground spices, goes best with rice

9. Chai Spiced Pumpkin Mini Bundt Cakes - a guilt free cake, low in fat, turns out super moist thanks to pumpkin puree

10. Pumpkin Coffee Cake - a simple tea cake perfect as an accompaniment to tea or coffee

11. Healthy Pumpkin Oats Coconut Squares - combines all good things in one slice- desiccated coconut, oats, pumpkin puree - suitable for breakfast on the go

12. Pumpkin and Date Cake - full of healthy goodness from pumpkin and dates, a good option for a lunchbox treat or a morning coffee accompaniment

13. Marbled Pumpkin Cake - This double colour cake is sure to delight kids and adults alike!

14. Pumpkin and Carrot Halwa - a delicious Indian dessert, fitting finale to an Indian meal

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