Weekly Menu Plan for 21-27 March

This Indian weekly menu plan includes a breakfast, lunchbox option and quick dinner with prep ideas and a shopping list

Weekly Menu Plan for 21-27 March

This Indian weekly menu plan includes breakfast, lunchbox and quick dinner options with prep ideas.

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Weekly Menu Plan for 21-27 March

Weekly Menu Plan - Breakfast (Indian, Global Vegetarian)

Overnight Oats Smoothie

2 ingredient pancakes

Red Rice Dosa

Avocado on toast

Green Smoothie

Protein rich Poha

Weekly Menu Plan - Indian School Lunchbox

Egg Fried Rice

Roti, Capsicum-Besan subzi

Apple, peanut butter & cheese sandwich

Cucumber chana dal idli

Paneer Bhurji wraps

Weekly Menu Plan - Dinner (Indian, Global Vegetarian, Italian)

Healthy Veggie Burger

Eggs, Beans and greens in a skillet + toast

Egg & potato curry, steamed rice

Gobhi Matar, roti, Dudhi raita

Healthy Pav Bhaji, Salad

Watermelon Feta Salad, Pasta Alla Vodka


Weekly Menu Plan for 21-27 March

Here are some time-saving tips for cooking on weekdays

Shop for the entire week's grocery, be it online or in the supermarket, such that you have it all delivered by Sunday afternoon latest. Organise your refrigerator with the vegetables, fruits, herbs and dairy. Make sure you have all the dry groceries brought out to the front of the shelves, as per the menu, so you don't have to launch a search operation in the mornings.

If there's one tedious thing about Indian cooking, it is making roti atta. So if there's just one or two of you to fend for, prepare roti dough for the whole week and store in airtight container. It is quite tedious to prepare the dough just for 3-4 rotis at a time.

Eggs and potatoes can be boiled at one go for the entire week's menu and stored in airtight containers in the fridge. You can peel the potatoes if you like, but peel the eggs only when they need to be used.

When you buy cauliflower or broccoli, break them into large florets and store in ziploc bags. Soak in turmeric-salt water for 30 minutes before using it in cooking.

Store avocados outside in the fruit basket, each wrapped in newspaper. Check everyday for ripeness and once the flesh yields under a light pressure with your fingers, save in refrigerator.

If there's idli for lunchbox / breakfast, take a look at the recipe, if fermentation is required, so prep for it well ahead of time. Do take note that fermentation time is much reduced in the summers.

In the summers, a quick khichdi or pulao in the pressure cooker, along with yogurt and sliced cucumbers & onions makes a filling and healthy vegetarian meal. Adding all possible vegetables to this ensures that we and our kids get our share of veggies in the meal.

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