How to store grated coconut | 12 Coconut Recipes

How to store grated coconut | 12 Coconut Recipes

While I love using coconut in South Indian cooking, there's never a chance to use the whole coconut. I end up using a couple of tablespoons while grinding a masala or a teaspoon for a garnish over a light Tambrahm style stir fry. One coconut, broken open and scraped / grated can be used in multiple dishes over a month or so, in my kitchen.

Because coconut has the tendency to spoil, grated fresh coconut is best stored in an airtight box in the freezer. This gets problematic when I need a bit of the stuff and I have to struggle with the whole big lot- break off a little and thaw. Or end up bending knifes and spoons in the process of scraping out a small portion from a big frozen chunk.

This is my kitchen tip for you on how to store a grated coconut, and use it very conveniently.

1\. Break off the shell by hitting it hard around the central circumference on a big stone or a stony edge.

2\. Usually, it will break off into two halves. You can keep a bowl beneath, while breaking to collect the sweet coconut water. In some occasions, the shell may break off leaving the whole coconut inside intact (the way it is in the picture). In the latter, you will have to cut open the whole nut into two halves-collecting the coconut water in a bowl.

3\. Grate or scrape out the flesh using a coconut scraper.!

4.Stuff the grated coconut into an ice tray as in the picture above. Leave overnight in the freezer

5.Extract the _coconut cubes _and save them in a Ziploc bag in the deep freezer. Now you can have exactly as much fresh coconut as you want and yet save the rest

6.Whenever you need some of this for a recipe, just remove the required number of cubes into a bowl and microwave them for 1 min in the defrost mode.

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