Weekly Menu Plan 12 Oct - 18 Oct

Indian weekly menu plan with breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner

Indian weekly menu plan with Breakfast, Snacks, Lunch and Dinner options

Weekly Menu Plan 12 Oct - 18 Oct

It's the Dussera Holidays, which means over 2 weeks of the kid being homebound all day, aside of our trips to here and there.

This means every few hours of "Mummy, I am hungry", which comes more out of boredom than hunger. To keep my own sanity, this week has an elaborate menu plan, with two snacks factored in. Even though we may be traveling in the middle, and eating out for a few meals, I have planned the entire week's menu for my readers, some of whom may be in my shoes, with the kids having holidays and having the parents scrambling for ideas on what to feed them.

Please find the links to some of the recipes from the blog / youtube:


Besan Cheela | Arisi Upma | Caramelised Bananas


Chocolate Muffins | Cookies | Chivda


Keerai Kootu | Capsicum curry | Eggplant curry | Cabbage curry | Usili | Vendhaya Kozhambu

Kootu Video: Just replaced chopped cabbage with chopped spinach :)


Pasta in veg sauce | Healthy Pav Bhaji | Quinoa | Egg Curry

Video: How to cook quinoa

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