Recipes from the Healthy Baking Workshop - Take the Cake

Earlier last month, I was invited by Home Centre, Lifestyle, to conduct in-store workshops to showcase their new bakeware range. I chose Healthy Baking as the theme, because most people assume baking to be full of refined flour, sugar and butter (and rightfully so). Nothing wrong with that, but unless one eats in restricted portions like the French people do, it quickly ends up being an unhealthy mix of refined carbs and too many calories.

It was fun sharing my tips and tricks baking with whole grain flours and natural sugars like organic jaggery and honey. And of course, the wide range of eye catching bakeware made the workshop all the more fun!

I've always loved exploring the aisles of Home Centre. There's invariably something interesting for a person who loves dabbling in the kitchen. From what I gathered while doing my workshops, they've added a lot of variety in the bakeware section. Baking essentials like measuring jugs, rolling pins, mixing bowls and whisks are something every avid baker needs to have on hand, and you'll find them all here. There are also baking tins, both in metal and silicone, to suit every kind of bake - from loaf tins to Bundts and everything in between. What I loved a lot are cookie stamps that read 'Homemade', 'Made with love' etc. that give a lovely touch to edible gifts. Mason Jars with straws are the current rage, here's where you can find them in a melange of colours.

Here are some photos from the Take the Cake workshop.

Recipes from the Healthy Baking Workshop - Take the Cake
Recipes from the Healthy Baking Workshop - Take the Cake
Recipes from the Healthy Baking Workshop - Take the Cake

We baked two healthy recipes in the Take the Cake Demo - Ukrainian Honey Cake and Ragi Ginger Cookies.

Ukrainian Honey Cake made using 100% whole wheat flour, the flavours from spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger and sweetened using honey, with a honey-lemon icing, was much loved by the kids and adults alike.

Get the recipe for the Ukrainian Honey Cake below:

The Ragi-Ginger cookies that I baked for the audience as well as the ones I had pre-baked and taken for the event was eagerly chomped down by the kids, which was such a feel-good thing, watching kids enjoy the healthier version of cookies baked using traditional millet flours and sweetened with jaggery. I could see happy grins on the parents' faces too. Get the recipe for these Ragi - Ginger cookies below.

For those people who could not attend, Home Centre even streamed it LIVE on their Facebook page.

Thank you, Home Centre for having me as a part of these workshops and inspiring kids and parents with some healthy baking ideas.

You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep track of more such exciting events in your city.

This post was sponsored by Home Centre, Lifestyle.

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