Banana Cardamom Bread (Eggless) - Baking from blogs continues...

I have tried several recipes for Banana bread and they have all turned out well. Even a vegan one that uses in all just 2 Tbsp of oil and a mixture of warm water, oil and baking soda to fluff up the mixture.

This one that I found at Simply recipes,yesterday, was slightly richer with 1/3rd cup butter and 1 cup sugar. I kept the butter in as I was baking it for my family and my mom maintains that she doesn't like butterless cakes. Weighing just around 50 kg, she is well justified.

A few modifications that I did-

  • My usual aversion to using too much refined flour made me replace half of it by whole wheat flour.
  • Reduced the 1 C sugar to 3/4 C but next time will use only 1/2 C. The 3/4 C sugar was also a little too sweet. Guess it also depends on the degree of ripeness of the bananas and the sugars in the banana.
  • Didn't use the one egg, replaced it with 2 T milk.
  • Added 1/2 tsp of cardamom powder to the batter
  • Sprinkled some cardamom powder and sugar on the top before baking
  • I had to bake for just 35 minutes at 175C and then reduced to less than 170C for 5 minutes. By 40 minutes the cake started charring a bit on the top, so I got it out
Banana Cardamom Bread (Eggless) - Baking from blogs continues...

A loaf of Banana cardamom bread

The result was a perfectly browned and intensely aromatic cake. The cardamom and banana combination is as magical as the banana-cinnamon combination, if not better. My aunt-uncle and mom called up to say that they loved it. It didn't taste like one of my low sugar, low fat ventures and they were glad about it!

Bake this one, and wrap it in a nice paper and send it across to your friend or relative. Home baked goodies always make the best and most personalised gifts

Or simply bake it on a Friday and you can enjoy a thick slice of this as a breakfast-dessert

This is my entry for Weekend Breakfast Blogging # 4 that Pavani has agreed to host end of this month, while I'm away on a short break. Do send your breakfast entries to her before August 31st at [email protected]

For details of the event, click here.

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