Weekend Breakfast Blogging # 3-Round up

Thank you friends for sending me your entries for Weekend Breakfast Blogging # 3. I have three new bloggers participating this fortnight:

  • RP from My Workshop
  • Jayashree from My experiments with food &
  • ArSu from Flavour Ride

I welcome you to the event friends and thanks to the regulars for sending me lovely stuff straight from your breakfast table. Here's the round-up for you !

Weekend Breakfast Blogging # 3-Round up

Row I: L-R

Rokh, from Tham Jiak, one of my favourite blogs from Malaysia, sends us lovely Whole wheat chocolate banana muffins. One look and you will want to bake them right away. They don’t ask for too many ingredients and they freeze well. So make sure you bake a whole big bunch of them

Krithika from Manpasand sends us a simple recipe for golden crisp Goduma dosas. Serve them with your favourite Sambhar and it’s a traditional breakfast in a jiffy

Cecille from Essences brings these absolutely adorable Mini Frittatas. These have been baked in a muffin pan and that’s what makes them look so uniformly beautiful. Also, you can bake all of them at once. Your kids will love them too

Row II: L-R

RP from My workshop gets innovative with her waffle iron and dosa batter. The result is a perfect example of fusion food-Waffle dosa. She serves this with a fresh green chutney made from the mint leaves growing in her kitchen garden

Glenna from A fridge full of food makes a breakfast for four –the Ozarks Country Benedict. These are Eggs Benedict served with country potatoes and a Cheesy sauce served with English Muffins. With stuff like that, you can’t go wrong can you?

Vaishali from Happy Burp seems to be on an environment protection drive. She makes another of her eco-friendly chutneys with bottle gourd peels, peanuts, coriander and sesame seeds. It’s mild tasting and the perfect accompaniment for Idlis, she says

Row III: L-R

Pushpa from Pusiva’s Culinary Studio fondly remembers her favourite breakfast from Malaysia- The coconut bun which she loves to have with a mug of Milo. This is so inspiring that I might end up baking a bun one day

Jayashree from My experiments with food has prepared Sabudana Khichdi for breakfast. This is a very popular Maharashtrian breakfast and a much loved fasting food. This khichdi tastes so good that I don’t really mind fasting if I’m going to be eating this

Arsu from Flavour Ride sends in Curry leaves dosa. She says that this dosa with the fresh young tender curry leaves bursts with full of flavour and aroma and unlike other dosas this can be relished immediately after grinding

Row IV:

Have a choice of breakfast from the platter above and wash it down with a tumbler of Madras Filter Kaapi which is my entry for the fortnightly event. Fix your cuppakaapi here.


I shall be travelling to Coorg / Mysore from the end of August to first week of September. I'll really appreciate it if one of you can take over the hosting of WBB#4 that will have to be rounded up by 3rd September, 2006

Please let me know on saffrontrail AT gmail DOT com, so that I can publish the details soon!

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