Herbed Breadsticks

Yes, I baked these babies this afternoon

Nic from Baking Sheet blogged about this one as a Cooking School recipe and it was in true terms a great learning experience. Proofing the yeast, the patience with the dough and gentleness with the sticks did indeed feel all so new and beautiful to me

I almost followed Nic's recipe to the Tee...Now, what kind of an oxymoron is that?

Well, instead of using 2 cups AP flour, I used half all purpose and half whole wheat flour. Instead of using dill and parsely, both of which I don't care for much, I used my favourite oregano and thyme, a tsp of each and substitued caraway seeds with good ol' cumin

Herbed Breadsticks

The end result was fantastic and encouraging enough to keep me playing with yeast each weekend. By the way, Nic mentions 25 minutes for these to bake to perfection. Since I use a smaller counter top over and I baked 4 at a time, mine got done in less than 15 minutes

One of them has already been dipped in tea and relished. Couldn't wait till dinner for soup

Thanks Nic. Your recipe has proven to be extremely dependable

Find the recipe here.

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