A 2 Ingredient Face Mask With Instant Results

DIY 2 Ingredient Face Mask / Body Scrub suited to most skin types

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A 2 Ingredient Face Mask With Instant Results

The strangest of things happen on flights. And life-changing ones too. Before you think that "Ooo she met her life-partner on a flight" or something like that, I better tell you the story.

Some 8 years ago, I was on a flight from Hyderabad to Bombay to attend my cousin's wedding. An utterly beautiful looking lady sat next to me and I kept stealing glances at her transluscent face. I'm NEVER the one to initiate a conversation on a flight. Au contraire, I'm either nose deep into a book/Kindle or ears plugged in with headphones, dreading any "So! What do you do??" conversations that may come my way. Even this time, it wasn't me who started the conversation. This lady next to me started telling me about herself. She was a grandmum (gasp!), a makeover expert with a lot of A-listers as her clientele. I was already hiding my non-pedicured, stubby toes FAAAR under my seat.

She did know how to make an awkward person (read me) comfortable and we got talking. I told her I was on my way to attend a family wedding. And just like that, she shared with me her secret for her flawless skin. She told me that this is the only thing she has ever done for her skin. I frantically tried to fish out a paper and a pen (no Notepad on phone those days, yo) from the blackhole that was the bag. "There's no need for that. It's just 2 ingredients and you will find it in your kitchen anytime," she said.

A 2 Ingredient Face Mask With Instant Results


All my excitement went pooooof like a deflating balloon. Surely, this cannot be the secret to her amazing skin. Bread and milk for a great skin, like really??

Then she went about explaining the process to me, and I was almost convinced. I couldn't wait to reach home, grab some bread and milk from the fridge and give this a go. I did and the results were totally amazing. For someone who was the only person who had not visited the salon before the family wedding, I got QUITE A LOT of compliments.

I have been using this DIY face scrub almost every week and it's been the best thing to ever to happen to my face.

When I gave a brief introduction to this story on my Twitter yesterday and asked if I should blog about it, I got hit by a barrage of excited tweets that it is a crime to hold on to such a life-changing secret. So, are you ready to receive this secret from me and make a dash to the refrigerator?

All you need is a thumb sized piece of bread (fresh / stale, doesn't matter) and 2-3 tbsp of fresh milk. Don't take the very grainy, gourmet type of bread with lots of seeds as they may scratch your face) - simple white or wheat bread is fine. Regarding milk, fresh (unboiled) milk is better as the proteins are not denatured by boiling. But if you can't find unboiled milk in your fridge, go on and use regular milk.

A 2 Ingredient Face Mask With Instant Results
Just 2 ingredients to make this magical face scrub


In a small cup, add 2-3 tbsp of milk to the piece of bread until it is all absorbed. Leave it for 5 minutes and then crush this with your finger tips to make a paste.


Wash your face and dry it off. Apply this mixture uniformly over the face and neck. It will not cover your face like your peel off masks. Just ensure you spread it out as well as you can. Allow this to dry for 10 minutes or longer.


This is the most important step. Over a sink, using your dry finger tips, rub off the dried up mask, gently in circles, until the scrub comes off along with all the dead skin. This is like a mini massage for your face and neck and you can feel your face getting flushed with the increased circulation.


Once all the scrub is rubbed off, wash face with lukewarm water and pat dry. Touch your face with your finger tips and feel the SOFTNESS.

You can do this once a week, for best results.


You can add pure organic turmeric powder (a pinch) or a few drops of honey to this mask mix for added beneficial properties.

You can also make a larger quantity of this and use it as a body scrub before a shower.


Milk softens and cleanses the face, and the fats in the milk act as a natural moisturizer, so don't use skimmed milk for this. The bread contains flour, oils, sugar, salt, all of which act as natural exfoliants when mixed into the milk.


If your skin is very sensitive, do not dry scrub your face more than 5 seconds or you may end up irritating the skin. Any allergies to wheat / milk, please be careful, or try out a test patch using this mixture, on your forearm.

So go on and try this beauty hack and tell me how soft your skin felt after you tried this!

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