Weekend Breakfast Blogging # 1 -Round up

(I am unable to view any blogs on blogspot since last evening for some strange reason. I'm able to post though. In case there's any problem with the formatting I shall be able to check and modify only when this problem is solved. )

This was my first attempt at event hosting and thanks to enthusiastic bloggers and dear friends,there are more entries to round up here, than I thought there would be! If there are any suggestions / advice on posting the round-up, please let me know so that I can use your advice to better my event hosting skills.

Without much ranting, I would like to take you through the amazing breakfast spread we have here from different parts of the world. If you've been too busy to send something this time, do make it for the next fortnight. Please see event details here.


Weekend Breakfast Blogging # 1 -Round up

Paz from Cooking Adventures of Chef Paz - NYC, sends in her Baked eggs. This is quick and super easy- in fact a recipe for husbands who want to serve their wives breakfast in bed. ( Especially for husbands whose main contribution in the kitchen is- eating)


Weekend Breakfast Blogging # 1 -Round up

Kalyn from Kalyn's kitchen, Salt Lake, Utah, sends in a Greek Frittatamade from Zucchini, herbs and cheese. Frittatas are the perfect brunch food. A wedge of frittata and a bowl of fruit can keep one going until evening.


Weekend Breakfast Blogging # 1 -Round up

Ange of Vicious Ange, Melbourne sends in her favourite breakfast of Ricotta Hotcakes that she prepared for Christmas. This recipe can be easily adapted by Vegetarians by leaving out the salmon topping.


Weekend Breakfast Blogging # 1 -Round up

Meeta from What's for lunch honey, Weimar, Germany sent us bottles of Mango-Stawberry Jam. A jam like this will make breakfast a 'happy hour' for most moms. As in, it's easy to get kids to have their fruit and eat it too. Check out Meeta's exciting Blogger Postcards from the World idea over here.


Weekend Breakfast Blogging # 1 -Round up

There's Glenna from A fridge full of food, Missouri, who describes her Sunday morning with her neices, Jordan and Sydney. Deciding to give them a new food taste, they end up making this hunk of an Artichoke Frittata- a Paula Dean classic with some modifications.


Weekend Breakfast Blogging # 1 -Round up

Vaishali of Happy Burp- Dusseldorf, Germany, gets nostalgic as she talks about this old-world food joint in Pune that has maintained the seventies decor and traditions. The food joint seems to be excellent value for money as the costliest item on their menu is Rs.15 (30 cents or 20 p). Tikhat mithaacha Sanjha is one of the breakfast items served there.


Ashwini from Food for thoughtsent in these luscious Watermelon Pancakes or 'ghavan' as it's called. A recipe that comes straight from her grandmom's kitchen in Konkan-looks like the things dreams are made up of and I can't wait to find out how it tastes. This fruity pancake is sure going to make your family rush to the breakfast table.


Neelu of Crossroads,says nothing can be more Maharashtrian than Thali Peeth. True to the theme of her blog she makes a shallow fried version of this traditionally deep-fried recipe. A hearty breakfast this !


Weekend Breakfast Blogging # 1 -Round up

This breakfast from the land of the temple bells is sent forth by Krithika of Manpasand. No one can resist the golden lacy Vella Dosaidotted with homemade ghee. How about using this one as a crepe to roll up some caramelised fruits and whipped cream for a super-yum dessert?


Weekend Breakfast Blogging # 1 -Round up

If you think Idlis and Dosas need too much effort for a lazy weekend, try Priya's MLA Pesarattu from Akshayapaatram. This traditional Andhra breakfast just requires soaking the lentils the previous night. Full of nutrition,it's one of the few things that tastes good and IS good for you too !


Weekend Breakfast Blogging # 1 -Round up

Madhu from Ruchi makes this special roti made from rice-flour which is a Karnataka specialty. It's called Masala Akki Rotti and it's passed on to her from Mom


Weekend Breakfast Blogging # 1 -Round up

Annita from My Treasure, my pleasuresends us this exotic breakfast feast called Unda Chammanthiwhich is originally from God's own country Kerala. She fondly remembers her Amma’s house in Erumely,a quiet,small and beautiful agricultural village,otherwise known as gateway to Sabarimala.


Weekend Breakfast Blogging # 1 -Round up

LG of Inji Manga, Florida talks about how to make Puttu from scratch. Her recipe is the 5-step path to every true Keralite's nirvana. So beloved is this Puttu to the natives of Kerala that it has a website dedicated to all Puttu fans.


Weekend Breakfast Blogging # 1 -Round up

My own entry is a very traditional breakfast / tiffin recipe of Upma Kozhakattai with Thuvaiyal. It seems to quite a favourite among several Tamil bloggers and each one has written about their own style of preparation. I'm just one more.


Weekend Breakfast Blogging # 1 -Round up

I'm ending the first round up on a sinfully sweet note with Haalo's Yeast Pancakes. Don't let the unglamourous name deceive you. If I had to sum-up this one in one word-- it would be 'Indulgence'. Fluffy and thick and almost sponge like in texture - these yeast pancakes are a true treat, she says. One look at the pic and you will be nodding your drooly faces in agreement :)

Thanks for your wonderful recipes, friends. That's one load of breakfast on the table, have your pick and let's enjoy a weekend breakfast together again, in a fortnight. There's no theme for the 2nd round up, simply because I haven't had the time to think of one. Just send in your family's favourite breakfast at saffrontrail AT gmail DOT com by the 29th of July.

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