Saffron Trail Digest - September 2016

Saffron Trail Digest - September 2016

Blog updates - Kitchen garden updates - What can you expect in September 2016

August was a quiet month on the blog and not without good reason. I was working on a rather time-consuming recipe project for a brand. Throw in a bit of travel, mommy duties and lack of good planning, and the blog ended up being neglected. While I did have a calendar in place for the month, I was simply unable to make time to post more frequently. The upside is that despite lesser content generated in August, the blog got an all time high number of page views. Since the major contributor towards this was a growth spurt in organic traffic, I know the numbers are here to stay and not a mere flash in the pan. This makes me really happy and pushes me to plan the blog calendar better for months ahead.

In case you missed it, Cucumbertown (the blogging platform SaffronTrail is on) did a post on the success story of Saffron Trail post the move. If you are a food blogger, you might find that an interesting read.

The food and recipes I share with you in this space is what I cook for my family and that's largely determined by what the weather is like, what produce is in season and what's growing in my kitchen garden. So given that the weather is damp and cold these days in Bangalore, the cravings are centred around hot and spiced up food. Foods like soups, curries and one-pot-khichdis and spices like fresh ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon are the ones to find favour with me at this time of the year.

Saffron Trail Digest - September 2016
Top L-R - Mint, Wild Rocket | Bottom L-R Dill, Speckled Basil

The kitchen garden is producing lots of basil, mint, wild rocket. The pumpkin patch is still going strong. The yard long beans have started making their annual appearance.

Saffron Trail Digest - September 2016

We've planted broccoli, which I'm assuming we'll get to eat in another 2 months or so. We are able to salvage 2-3 fruits a week, from the pomegranate tree that is forever being rampaged by rouge squirrels and birds.

I have lined up some interesting recipes and content for this month along the lines of what I plan to eat :) If there's anything you want me to try out or share, do leave me a comment and I'll be happy to do so.

One of the perks of being a food blogger is to connect with like-minded people who are passionate about food and cooking. It was lovely to have Amrita (from Life Ki Recipe) over for lunch and to cook her a South Indian meal with dishes that we mostly new to her.

Saffron Trail Digest - September 2016
(Image courtesy - Amrita Rana)

Leaving you with an idea to making the prettiest looking pink drinks: Malabar Spinach (basale soppu) seeds

Saffron Trail Digest - September 2016
Pink Infused water

Muddle the Malabar Spinach seeds in a glass until they release their colour, top with ice, lemons and mint for the prettiest infused water you can lay your paws on!

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