Sour Cream Dip
This Sour Cream Dip does not need much of a recipe but it is a great way to use up leftover sour cream. ´┐╝Ready in less than 10 minutes, it makes a fabulously fresh tasting dip or even a salad dressing!
Servings Prep Time
1cup 10minutes
Servings Prep Time
1cup 10minutes
  1. In the small jar or a mixer or a Nutribullet, blend the coriander, mint, garlic and chilli with 2-3 tablespoons of sour cream and olive oil to a fine puree.
  2. To this add the remaining ingredients and blend until you get a smooth dressing.
  3. If you want a short cut to this already quick recipe, blend the sour cream with a good tablespoon of a green chutney like this one, et voila, your green sour cream dip is ready!
Serving suggestions
  1. As a dip for cruditxe9s or quesadillas
  2. As a dressing over finely chopped salad vegetables
  3. As a dip for any appetisers like potato wedges etc.