Mexican Salad Platter
Servings Prep Time
4people 30 minutes
Servings Prep Time
4people 30 minutes
  1. To prepare the Rainbow Mexican Salad Platter, start by dousing the cubed avocados generously with lemon juice as soon as you cut it.
  2. In a large platter, arrange the beans, corn, onion, tomato, bell pepper and avocados.
  3. Set out the seasonings, coriander, sour cream and paprika in small bowls.
  4. You can either mix everything together in a large bowl to make a big batch of Mexican salad for a crowd or allow guests to mix their own salad. You can also set out all the salad components such as beans, corn and veg in separate bowls.
Recipe Notes

Use black beans or small sized kidney beans in the Mexican Salad Platter. You can also substitute part or whole of the beans with a grain like quinoa.

Use a mix of red and green bell peppers if you want to avoid tomatoes

For added crunch, crush some nachos over the top of the mixed salad