Puliyodharai – Traditional Tamarind Rice Recipe
Try this traditional tamarind rice recipe made from scratch, often served as prasadam in the temples in South India and the perfect companion to long train journeys.
Cook Time
Cook Time
For masala
Tamarind extract
For tempering
  1. Cook the rice with 2 cups water, salt and 1/2 tsp oil. Remove onto a large plate, spread out to cool and keep aside.
  2. In a kadai, heat 1 tsp oil. Add chana dal, udad dal, fenugreek seeds, red chillies, black pepper, coriander seeds and sautxe9 on medium flame until the dals turn golden brown.
  3. At this point, add sesame seeds and stir until they pop and release aromas.
  4. Remove, cool and grind to a powder along with salt and turmeric.
  5. In the kadai, place the extracted tamarind purxe9e and bring to a simmer. Let this simmer for 5 minutes until it gets slightly thicker. Add the ground spice powder with constant stirring, adding 2-3 tbsp of gingelly oil until you get a thick paste.
  6. Prepare tempering by heating 2 tbsp gingelly oil in a kadai. Add in all the ingredients and saute until the peanuts turn a darker shade and get crisp.
  7. In a large platter or bowl, mix the cooled rice, 3/4th of spice paste and tempering with fingertips until rice is well coated. Taste and add remaining paste if required.
  8. Serve hot with fried vadams and raita.
Recipe Notes

The other method is to add the tamarind extract and spice powder to the tempering itself until it becomes a thick paste. I like to add the tempering separately as the dals and peanuts retain their crunch better in that method as against boiling with tamarind extract.

This recipe was first shared by me on India Food Network.

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