How to make fresh pasta without a machine – Step by step pictures
Fresh pasta without a recipe or any equipment – you can do it!
  • 2cups AP flour( I used 1/2 cup cornmeal and 1.5 cups along with a tbsp of dried basil)
  • 1tsp salt
  • 2tbsps olive oil
  • xbdcup waterhot plus some more
  1. Make a smooth but very firm dough by mixing flour and salt in a large bowl. Make a well, add olive oil. Add 1/2 cup hot water, mix with a fork until it comes together. Knead with your hands using a tsp of hot water at a time until you get a firm, smooth dough.
  2. Wrap in cling film.
  3. Refrigerate for 30 mins at least.
  4. Make 5-6 balls from the dough, and follow the given procedure with each.
  5. Step 1 – roll each ball into a thin sheet
  6. Step 2 – Dust with flour- Roll into cigar
  7. Step 3 – Cut into 1/4 inch or so slices
  8. Step 4 – Unroll each circle to a long strand
  9. Step 5 – Keep each such batch spread out on a plate to dry for a few minutes
  10. Step 6 – Or to save a whole lot of trouble cut into squares with a pizza cutter- kids won’t mind this
  11. Step 7 – Keep a large pot of water to boil with some salt and 2 tsp oil and drop the pasta (any one type at a time) carefully when the water is boiling. Pasta squares have come to the top indicating that they are ready to be fished out. Fresh pasta once dropped into boiling water takes 2-3 minutes to cook
  12. Step 8 – Make any sauce you like, in advance and toss the pasta in some sauce. Serve hot
  13. Step 9 – The fettucini that took so much effort got cut into shorter pieces while cooking -tasted nice though
Recipe Notes

Sauce : In olive oil, saute finely chopped garlic, finely sliced small onion, 3-4 mushrooms sliced and few sliced pitted olives. Once onions are soft, add 4 tomatoes (blanched, peeled and chopped), balsamic vinegar, chilli flakes and salt. Mix in a tbsp of pesto ( I used rocket pesto) or just a handful of finely chopped basil

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