Fruit buns
As kids, most of us have this love affair with Tutti Frutti, be it in ice cream or in fruit-bread or in cakes. I had bought some in different colours for the christmas fruit cake and some leftovers were asking to be baked into fresh fruit buns. I am a bit wary about letting Atri eat these tutti frut
    1. In a small bowl, mix yeast and sugar in warm milk. Cover and keep in warm place for 15 min to an hour.
    2. Mix flours with salt in large bowl. Once yeast mix is frothy, add this to the flour in bowl along with tutti frutti. Add water little by little and knead to get a smooth soft dough. Add olive oil, knead some more – make a ball of dough and place in oiled bowl – covered with a lid / tea towel. Leave for 2 hours or so until over doubled in volume. As it is cooler here, i left it on the counter overnight.
    3. Punch down dough, kneading well, to remove all air pockets. Shape into six balls and place on a baking tray with enough space between them. Cover with tea towel and keep in warm place for 30 minutes until well risen. Brush with milk.
    4. In a pre-heated oven, bake the buns at 180 C for around 15 minutes, till nicely risen and light golden on top.
    5. Remove and apply some butter on hot buns to give a nice shine.
    6. Eat warm! Perfect with a glass of milk.