Double beans with Amaranth greens
Beans and greens are a classic combination in many of the world cuisines. This delicious salad made using cooked double beans and greens, South Indian style is super healthy!
  1. Pressure cook the double beans for 3-4 minutes with 1 cup water. Drain and keep aside. (I cook them directly in a small cooker. After one whistle, left it on sim for 4-5 minutes and then switched off the flame).
  2. In a cup of water, boil the leaves till tender – drain and keep aside. You can use a bit of this water to moisten the sundal in the end or use it as a stock for soup or sambar.
  3. Heat the oil in a wok. Add the udad dal, once this is golden, add the next four ingredients.
  4. Wait till the seeds splutter and the curry leaves crackle – add the greens and drained beans. Season with salt. Stir well to coat with seasonings. Remove from flame and garnish with fresh coconut.
Recipe Notes

This can be had as a snack or as an accompaniment to rotis or rice.

This combination was so hearty and filling, and I’m sure any other greens and beans combination can be made into a sundal, adding the nutritional benefits of green leafy veggies to the protein-rich beans.