Weekend Breakfast Blogging #2 Round up- PART ONE

Weekend Breakfast Blogging #2 Round up- PART ONE

Weekend Breakfast Blogging #2 Round up- PART ONE

Dear friends,

Thanks for the HUGE support and enthusiasm for the Weekend Breakfast Blogging. I'm quite amazed by the response and I didn't know it would take me almost a whole day to check out the recipes, write an introduction, manage the pics etc. There have been 31 Entries this time and hence posting it in 2 parts over today and tomorrow

I also have to go to my local post-office today (God knows after how long), to check out where I can buy a post card for the BPW, and then blog about it :)

Round up Part I starts now... (You may have had to scroll down a bit to reach here. For some strange reason-this thing is preventing me from bringing the table close to the text. If someone can help me solve the problem, I shall be grateful!)

Row 1: L->R

Gabriella True, from My life as a reluctant housewife ,talks about her favourite breakfast which is Lox and Bagel- Smoked salmon and bagels. Her vivid description of assembling the sandwich shows that Gabriella must truly love this one! There is an ongoing event on her blog –Summer Salad recipes. Check out the details here. I had received this one for WBB #1 and in my fresher's anxiety, this entry got left out

Priya is a girl after my own heart. Poha is our favourite breakfast! And I’m sure there are others too who would vote for this simple savoury beaten rice as their most loved food. She says this Atukulu Upma is her own version of how she thinks her mom makes it….Confused??

Pushpa, our own baking queen baked these cheesy orange marmalade rolls. Try them on a day your kids have their friends staying in. Trust me, the kids will never want to leave your house. For that matter, neither will the mums.How Pushpa comes up with such beauties using few ingredients will always be a mystery :)

Row 2: L->R

Revathi describes two different ways to make the ‘Queen of Breakfasts’-Idli, at home, one her mom’s method and the other her own. Encouraged by the Green Blog Project, she makes the chutney with home-grown mint. The pleasure of eating out of your own garden, am sure is a wonderful experience. Do check out the round up of FMR-Comfort foods that will be posted soon on En-Ulagam

Cecille from Essences gives a sneak peek into a Filippino breakfast which consists of salted dried fish called ‘Tuyo’. He calls it the ‘glamourised’ version of a ‘poor man’s fish’. The glamour factor being added by a bed of Japanese aubergine, an omlette and a yellow tomato- all served with garlic fried rice. Thanks Cecille for this introduction to Filippino food!

Sumitha in Switzerland goes North of India for her breakfast idea and puts a wholesome plate of Kidney beans and Puri on the table. She flavours it with some dried fenugreek and also gives a quicker version of the recipe for the one’s who like to sleep-in late on weekends

Row 3: L->R

Pamela of Posie's place is a self-confessed peanut-butter lover. Her Peanut-butter pancakes are bound to set your cravings on…This one is going to be a great start to any weekend !

Anupama of Food n' More sends in her Purna Parathas which are wholesome and filling. They take some effort, but the end-result is completely worth it

Tony, our bachelor chef from Anthony's Kitchen says that, you can't find a bachelor who doesn't love Maggi. And there's nothing like Maggi Noodles to whip up a quick weekend breakfast especially if one is not eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner on other days. For those of you who aren't from India, Maggi is Nestle's two minute noodles that comes with it's own masala (spice pouch). We've literally grown up with Maggi and its a hot favourite with hostelites and those who can't cook, yet have to feed themselves

Row 4: L->R

Glenna relives her memories about trying out new foods and sends in her breakfast idea of Sauted Polenta. Polenta is a savoury cake made using cornmeal

Shilpa, from Aayi’s recipes , tells us about this traditional Konkani Uthapa called Abhibhakri which is a regular feature in traditional kitchens of Konkan. Unlike a regular uttapam, it doesn’t need fermentation

Shaheen, from Malabar Spices , NJ, writes about her idea of a comforting breakfast. Kichdi or "Kichuri" she says, is easily recognized as a rice and lentils cooked together to a mish mash. This Sweet Khichdi is the Malabar version cooked with coconut milk, ghee and sugar. Sounds festive, does it not?

Row 5: L->R

Mandira from Ahaar serves up a stack of berry-good Fruity Pancakes topped with more fruit. This colourful anti-oxidant rich pancake is stacked with flavour as well as goodness. In another post, she remembers the laidback weekends from her childhood

Priya has also sent in her Mom’s entry for WBB. I feel honoured to have got a recipe from a blogger friend’s mom. I tried this sponge dosa the very next day that she sent it. Like all mom’s recipes, it was a superhit. I would’ve never thought that something so simple can taste so wonderful. You must definitely give this one a try. Here’s Sponge dosa with tomato chutney

Krithika from Manpasand, gets sneaky with a good intention as she stuffs a whole bunch of nutrition into the good ol’ adai. With Spinach Adai, kids can’t escape their dose of greens. And neither can you!

To be continued

Entries 16 through 31 coming up soon...do come back and check! Just taking a bit of rest from HTMLing and Image resizing...Phew! Any guesses what my own entry is?

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