WBB # 8 - Christmas Special

WBB # 8 - Christmas Special

It's warm and cozy inside. The spirit of Christmas is vibrant outside. Your home is fragrant with the aromas coming out of your hearth. The mood is upbeat. You want to do your best. Put out the best food on the table, the best of gifts for your loved ones and pray your best for everyone's happiness.

Are you surprised when I ask you to send me your favourite Christmas breakfast for Weekend Breakfast Blogging # 8? It can be as decadent as you like it to be. Whatever is your favourite on the menu this Christmas, is going to be a part of the round up.

The announcement comes in a little late as I'll be away during the Christmas week. The round up will happen after Jan 7th which is the last date for you to send me your favourite breakfast entry.

The usual -

1. Please post your Christmas breakfast entry between the 17th Dec 06 to 7th Jan 07 - preferably in the Christmas week. Link it to this post. If you use Technorati tags - use the tag WBB8.

2. Email me the URL of your entry with your name and location at [email protected] with the mail titled WBB8 latest by 7th Jan, 2007.

3\. If you'd like to have a picture posted too, resize it to 160X120 pixel or 120 X 160 for a vertical pic and mail it along with the url.

4\. Your recipe should be servable at breakfast.

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