WBB # 7 Baking for Breakfast

WBB # 7 Baking for Breakfast

Winter is a time when the warmth and aromas from your kitchen can cheer up the whole family. The theme for WBB# 7 is Baking for Breakfast. Breads, cakes with fruits and nuts, muffins - you get the idea? Sweet, savoury, spicy, you have a variety of options to explore!

Some of the stuff that I've baked for breakfast so far :


~Honey Banana Muffins

~Morning Glory Muffins

~Banana cardamom bread

Rules for the event:

1. Post your entry for the event on your blog between now and 30th November.

2. Email me the url of your post and your name before the 12 am. IST, 30th November at [email protected]

3. If you'd like to have a picture posted too, resize it to 160X120 pixel or 120 X 160 for a vertical pic and mail it along with the url.

4. Your recipe should be a baked one and servable at breakfast.

So get baking and see you at the round up. My dear friend Meeta has put the spotlight on baking too. Check it out and get inspired

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