WBB # 15 - Announcement & Gokulashtami

Weekend Breakfast Blogging is back to home ground this month. Guest hosts are lined up for WBB # 16 and 17. If you would like to take up hosting for December 07 and onwards for 08, please put in a line to me at [email protected]

WBB # 15 - Announcement & Gokulashtami

A wonderfully organized full fridge

Under Flickr Creative Commons License

If you have a fridge as full as that, then it's time to raid it for WBB # 15... because we're talking leftovers this month.

Breakfast is no hassle if you have leftovers from dinner. Some staples like bread, eggs, spreads, left over curry etc. on hand and you can whip up delicious stuff in the morning in no time at all. The inspiration for this month's theme came from the delicious 'Chole parathas' I made yesterday from Sunday's leftover Kabuli Chole. You'll have to wait it out a bit to hear the details of that one, my dear readers.

I have seen fantastic ideas from the blogosphere where stuff lying around in the fridge have been used creatively the following day to make a lip-smacking meal. One such recipe and presentation that stuck to my head is the Curried Noodle Patties from 101 Cookbooks. So raid your fridge for leftovers and do something creative with it for breakfast. You can also share with us your favourite tips for leftovers.

The rules of the game:

Prepare a breakfast from leftovers.

Blog about it including a link to this post in your write-up.

Send me a mail at [email protected] - with 'BREAKFAST' mentioned in the title-

Please include the name of your entry, the permalink of your entry in the mail.

If you have a picture to be included, please resize it to 640X480 pixels and attach it with the mail.

Last date for submitting entries is 30th September - Midnight, Indian Standard Time [GMT + 5:30

Round up will be posted sometime in the 1st week of October.

Look forward to seeing you all then!

WBB # 15 - Announcement & Gokulashtami

Lord Krishna with Radha

[Photo Courtesy: Swami Gaurangapada: Flickr Creative Commons]

Hope all my Indian friends are munching on Gokulashtami bakshana_m (goodies). My mom and aunts have gone the whole nine yards as usual and made varieties of _seedai, murukku, thattai, athirasam, vella ava_l and some more sweets. I'll be making the simple vella aval (beaten rice with jaggery and coconut) and Panakam for naivedyam_ this evening. The rest of the goodies are mine to take when I visit my parents' house next. I have a picture taken last year, same time, with my mom and aunt slaving in the kitchen to prepare an array of goodies. You'll find it here.

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