Saffron Trail Digest - May 2016 Edition

Saffron Trail Digest - May 2016 Edition

April was the month of the much awaited summer holidays in Europe. If you follow me on Twitter and have read my recent posts, you'll know that we had a bitter-sweet time. But I must say pat-on-back to us for making the most of a very rotten situation. It's best to see learnings everywhere, rather than lament over what seemed like the worst luck to befall us.

My first association of FY 2016-17 was with a much loved brand Airbnb. We partnered over my Airbnb stay in Paris and what a wonderful association it was. If you missed my updates from Paris, you can search for #NanditaXAirbnb on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and go through all of them.

Here's the post on our stay in an Airbnb at Montmartre, Paris.

Brussels and Amsterdam were beautiful cities too, and I managed to share a lot of interesting updates using the hashtag #STEurope. Look for them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I totally fell head over heels in love with the picture postcard prettiness of Brugge.


Seasonal: Raw Mango Chutney, Raw Mango Panha drink

From the kitchen garden: Sweet potato Curry 1 and 2 , Pumpkin, almond, turmeric smoothie

Summer salads: Arugula Bell Pepper Super Salad with Sour Cream dressing, Green Papaya Salad

What I wrote on a whim for World Health Day - 6 tips to eating healthy for a lifetime, turned out to become really popular, getting republished by Huffington Post and Bombay Times.

The month ended with 2 posts on my travel - our Airbnb experience in Paris and How not to lose your money and valuables while traveling in Europe, a must read if you plan to visit here anytime soon.

So what's in store for May?

Thanks to the travel for 2 weeks in April, I am behind on my calendar for the month. I can foresee a lot of Mango recipes, because we love mangoes in any form, don't we? Most kids in India have their summer holidays this month, so some kiddie approved dishes will be featured on the blog too.

There's another exciting brand association happening this month, among other things, which will unfold here and on my other social media, in a few days, so stay tuned to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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