On Moringa Leaf Powder & How to make Moringa Tea

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The Moringa Oleifera is a graceful tree with its feathery fronds and white delicate flowers. The leaves are a ready source of potent nutrition and there is the bonus of fruits (drumsticks) which are a willing (and delicious) addition to sambar. The Drumstick tree or Moringa Oleifera is indeed a useful tree to have around the house. Having lived in Bombay all my life, I have missed out on the simple joys of having a beautiful tree like drumstick in my backyard. I do see a lot of standalone houses in the South having a drumstick tree for the leaves and drumsticks.

When I was in medical college, our professor in Preventive Social Medicine used to be obsessed with moringa trees and leaves. Those days, I didn't have a very nutrition bent of mind and I would wonder why this obsession. Today, in retrospect I understand. This tree is the cheapest way to add high quality nutrition to the meals for the masses. Rich in iron, protein, vitamin and other minerals, it is also a rich source of antioxidants. As per WebMD, almost every part of this tree is useful - leaves, bark, flowers, fruit, seeds, and root possessing medicinal properties.

On Moringa Leaf Powder & How to make Moringa Tea

Even when dried and powdered, the leaves retain most vitamins and minerals. Moringa powder is considered a superfood in most parts of the world. Why powder, you might think. In urban spaces it is tough to find access to a moringa tree near the house, and even tougher to find these greens being sold in the neighbourhood supermarket. In the South some green veg vendors bring them home, but availability is patchy. Also, the tree may not grow in all climatic conditions.

For its immense health benefits, even having a spoonful of the organic moringa powder everyday as a part of the daily diet can work wonders. For those who completely dislike green leafy vegetables, adding a spoonful to a bit of water and gulping it down like medicine is also an option :)

On Moringa Leaf Powder & How to make Moringa Tea

The following are said to be the health benefits of Moringa:

5 ways to include Moringa powder in your diet:

Green Smoothies: A mix of yogurt, soaked oats, ginger, flaxseed, moringa powder and frozen kiwi fruit slices will give you a super healthy breakfast in a glass.

Soup: Spinach and lentil soup is one of my favourites. Adding a teaspoonful of Moringa powder to the soup in the final simmer stage, adds an extra boost of antioxidant goodness to your soup.

Savoury / sweet dishes: Adding the powder to adai / dosa / idli, mixing it up into paratha stuffing are all ways to include a bit of the superfood in your day to day cooking.

Kozhambu: Since drumstick leaves or murunga elai are anyway used in traditional tambrahm dishes like kozhambu, adding a spoonful of the powder in the final stages, whisking well, is a great idea.

Tea: The simplest way to ingest the powder is in tea form

On Moringa Leaf Powder & How to make Moringa Tea


Bring a cup of water to a boil

Place 1 tsp of Pure and Sure Organic Moringa Powder in a glass

Pour the boiling water

Add a teaspoon of honey

Stir well and allow to brew for 5 minutes, covered

Stir well and drink it as your morning tea

Initially you may find it a little difficult to get used to the slightly metallic taste and the powdery nature of the tea, but soon you'll be gulping it down like a pro!

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