JFI Chillies - Round Up

JFI Chillies - Round Up

An abnormally twisted pair of chillies

When I asked Indira a couple of months ago, what she thought of 'Chillies' as a theme for JFI amongst some others, she gave a double thumbs up! After all which person from Andhra worth his / her salt will not light up with excitement at the thought of chillies...

JFI Chillies - Round Up

Dried Kashmiri Red Chillies

For detailed information on varieties of chillies in India with pictures, read this post from the cook's cottage and my write-up on India's pride - Bhut Jolokia.

Bloggers used a variety of chillies ranging from fresh green and red, Thai, Bedgi, Kashmiri, Poblano, Chipotle, Anaheim, Yellow banana peppers, bell peppers, chilli powder, chilli sauces, etc. in total 62 63 64 65 entries. Thankfully no one used the Bhut Jholokia, or else they'd me cursing me for using 'Chillies' as a theme!

I hope the round up has managed to cover all the participants as almost half of them kept landing in spam, and guess I have managed to fish all of them out. Just in case you find your entry isn't featuring here, please mail me and I shall include it promptly.


Mirchi Bajji- Cinnamon from Cinnamon Trail.

Long green chillies stuffed with peanut – tamarind mix, dipped in batter and deep fried to make a spicy, crispy snack.

Mirchi Bajji – Rajini, Swagruha

The all time favourite snack in Hyderabad in which long green chilllies are stuffed with either a tamarind-sesame paste or peanut powder or potatoes, dipped in batter and deep fried – served with tomato ketchup or coconut chutney.

Stuffed Chilli Bajjis- Prema, Prema's Cookbook

Green chillies stuffed with spiced potatoes, dipped in batter and deep fried

Jalapeño popper – Roops from Delectable Delights

Jalapeño peppers stuffed with cheddar cheese and wrapped in prosciutto or zucchini slices, grilled instead of deep fried, making them a healthy alternative indeed.

Grilled Jalapeño poppers- Sig, Live to Eat

A simple party starter using only three ingredients is originally a Mexican recipe. You can't go wrong with this one! Cheese complements chillies perfectly, right?

Beer Battered Aachaar stuffed Peppers - Zlamushka, Sweden

This self proclaimed chilli addict has a blog all about spices and spicy food. No wonder her recipe rates all five stars on the 'spicometer' - the name says it all!! But if you are a spice lover, you must try it out.


Pandu Mirapakaya Pachchadi– Suma Gundlur from Veggie Platter

Fresh red chillies ground with tamarind and salt, seasoned with mustard seeds and asafoetida to make an easy traditional Andhra pickle, a perfect accompaniment to rice.

Pandu Mirapakaya Pachchadi- Priya , Akshayapatram

Fresh Fresno peppers pickled using same ingredients as above but made made the rustic way aka hand pounded.

Mirchi  in ajwain - Raji, Talimpu

Vaamu Lo Mirapakayalu - Tender mild green chillies slit and seasoned with coarsely ground ajwain and salt, preserved in oil.

Phodnichya Mirchya -Tee, Bhaatukli

A traditional Maharashtrian recipe passed on by Tee’s grand mom, this has green chillies and potatoes sautéed in seasoned oil. A coarse peanut powder gives it the crunch and the grated coconut a boost a flavour. This is to be had in small quantities along with the main course.

Mirchi cha Thecha - Madhuli, My Foodcourt

Dark green ‘lavangi’ fiery hot chillies grilled on a flame, coarsely ground with cumin seeds and mixed into yogurt, seasoned with sugar and salt- to be served with sago khichdi or bhakri, surely not for the faint hearted.

Zhanzhanit Thecha – Aarti, Aarti’s Corner

In Aarti’s words- “Zhanzhanit- meaning extra spicy in Marathi is an exclusive word used for chilli preparations , mostly the ones that are so hot that it makes one cry while eating.” Thecha is a traditional Maharashtrian chutney prepared from fresh green chillies. This one has peanuts and garlic too, goes perfectly well with bhakris.

Zhanzhanit Kolhapuri Thecha - GV Barve, Add Flavour

A Kolhapuri version of Thecha made with red chilli powder and garlic pounded together the traditional way.

Chilli Chutney - Pravs, Simply Spicy

A spicy accompaniment for idlis, dosais and even chapatis, this is made using Serrano peppers and sesame seeds and a traditional tadka to top it.

Milagai  Chutney– Pearlin, Purl up and Crochet

A spicy chutney made using_ pacchai milagai_ ie. Fresh green chillies ground with tamarind, asafoetida and salt, and a traditional South Indian tempering – perfect with curd rice.

Chipotle Chilli Chutney- Indira, Mahanandi

A simple spicy chutney made using Chipotle chillies, cherry tomatoes and garlic cloves. This one with a smoky flavour goes well with chapatis as well as fries, says Indira.

Chilli garlic- Coffee, Spice Café

This is an interesting mix to stock in the refrigerator. A simple coarse mix of fresh red chillies and garlic pods that can be used in Chinese and Italian cooking alike. Nice tip, coffee!

Milagai Podi– Kanchana, Married to a Desi

This hot chilli lentil powder is a staple in all Tamil homes where it is available at all times to dip idlis and dosais into, without going into the rigors of making freshly ground chutney at tiffin time. At meal time this powder is mixed with gingelly oil on the plate itself. The spice quotient can range from mild to really fiery depending on the preference of each household.

Puli Milagai – Suganya, Tasty Palettes

A traditional pickle / chutney made using fresh green chillies and tamarind as the name suggests (in Tamil), with a bit of jaggery to take the edge off – goes best with dosais or even curd rice

In Suganya’s words – “Spicy green chillies are simmered in tamarind with, surprisingly, very few spices. Don’t be alarmed by the amount of chilli in the recipe, after all, it is the star of the recipe. The recipe is put together with ingredients that takes care of the spiciness leaving you with mildly spicy and tangy sauce with a hint of sweetness from the jaggery.”

Puli Milagai - GV Barve, Add Flavour

Gayatri ji makes the South Indian pickle with green chillies in an instant tamarind-jaggery gravy.

Pickled green chillies- Dee, Ammalu's Kitchen

A tangy green chilli pickle seasoned with pickling spices and cooked on the stove top after which it is ready to be served with ghee rice.

Madhur Jaffrey's green chilli pickle - Pelicano, Elaichi Etcetera

Sliced green chillies seasoned with mustard seeds, red chilli powder, ginger and lemon juice made over a few days under a sunny spot.

Instant green chilli pickle(Mirchi ka achaar) -Anita, A Mad tea party

This pickle is made with medium hot green chillies seasoned with mustard seed and fenugreek seed powders and lime juice, best had in small quantities while the chillies are still crispy.

Pickled green chillies - Madhavi, My Veggie World

A very simple technique using vinegar and salt to pickle deseeded green chillies. These chillies can then be used to spice up any bland meal.

Chilli Thokku - Sheela, Delectable Victuals

This is no ordinary thokku. Creative as she is, Sheela adds her own touch by using dried hibiscus flowers for colour and unusual flavour along with ancho-pasilla chillies and green chillies to make this delicious pickle.

Molagu Thottu Kootan (Green chilli chutney) - Shaheen, Malabar Spices

The name implies that "a curry to be tasted (not poured)" - explains Shaheen. This chutney has the flavours of onions, garlic, ginger, tamarind and green chillies mainly and is best served with ghee rice or rotis.

Thayir Molagai - Ammupatti, Ammupatti's Thoughts

These are green chilies marinated in curds and sun dried. In Ammupatti's words - "Curd rice garnished with fried thayir molagai tastes heavenly." and I'm sure the well marinated home made chillies are any day better than the store bought ones.

Kanthari Mulagu Chammanthy- Green chillies, Curry Bytes

The blogger tells an interesting tale about chillies and childhood and shares the recipe for a _chammanthy _made with Thai chillies, shallots, coconut oil and salt.

Red chillies and cilantro pickle- (Kothimeera, Pandu mirapa Pacchadi) - Vani, Batasari

A traditional Andhra pickle recipe using fresh red chillies, coriander leaves and tamarind with tadka. This pickle needs no refrigeration.

Chilli Potato Pepper Salad – Padmaja, Spicy Andhra

New potatoes and peppers baked and seasoned with red chilli flakes, green chillies and black pepper to can a spicy start to any lazy weekend.


Mirchi Ka Saalan – Viji from Vcuisine

Banana peppers or mild large green chillies and kidney beans in a tangy tomato gravy thickened using groundnut and sesame seed powder, this is a traditional Hyderabadi recipe served hot with rotis.

Mirchi Ka Saalan – Rajini, Swagruha

A Hyderabadi curry made with whole large green chillies sauteed and cooked in a tangy creamy gravy best served with a Hyderabadi biriyani, when chillies are in season in winters.

Manasi's Mirchi Ka Saalan- Manasi, A Cook @ Heart

The very fact that Manasi pulled this recipe out of the ten she had for this Hyderabadi curry makes me feel that it is surely worth a try. Serrano peppers and red green bell peppers in tangy creamy sauce sure sounds good!

Priyanka's Mirchi ka Saalan - Priyanka, Lajawaab Aahaar

Another version of the saalan, this one including eggplant.

Mirchi Besan bhaji – Asha, Foodie’s Hope

Banana peppers and large green chillies in a tangy creamy gravy made using chickpea flour, served as an accompaniment to rotis / Indian breads along with a cool yoghurt raita.

Also check out her version of Mirchi ka saalan

Peppers Stuffed with Potatoes and Peanuts – Jai Bee, Jugalbandi

As the name suggests, steamed Anaheim peppers are stuffed with a mix of mashed potatoes, peanuts and freshly ground spices, and grilled. This can be served with rotis or rice and kadhi.

Chilli Paneer – Vanamala, Nalapaka

An Indo-Chinese Paneer recipe made with green and yellow bell peppers, spice up with green chillies and green chilli sauce – great as a snack or as a party starter!

Chilli Gojju- Lakshmi, Taste of Mysore

Green chillies, coconut and onions in a spicy gravy to go with rice pooris.

Stuffed Capsicum - Ammupatti, Ammupatti's Thoughts

Green bell peppers stuffed with spiced mashed potatoes and steamed or baked.

Capsicum Paruppusili-Sheela, Delectable Victuals

Sliced bell peppers sauteed with steamed spicy lentil paste to make a traditional Tam Bram vegetable dish.


Poached eggs in spicy tomato and chilli sauce(All day breakfast) – Sajeda from Chachi’s Kitchen

Green chillies and red peppers sautéed with spring onions and tomatoes onto which eggs are broken and half cooked – served on toasted ciabatta bread.

Chilli pepper wraps – Swaha Miller, The Miller Melting Pot

Poblano peppers and yellow banana peppers stuffed with two cheeses into soft flour tortillas to make spicy cheesy wraps.

Jalapeño pie– Lisa, Food and Spice

Made from jalapeños fresh out of Lisa’s garden and just four ingredients in all, this pie is a great idea for an light dinner, and of course spicy too!

Zucchini and green chilli soup - Chocolate Lady, Inmolaraan

A most exotic and beautiful soup made using the most unique combination of ingredients viz. Zucchini, beet greens, cashews, hemp seeds, herbs and ofcourse chillies.

Chilli and rosemary smashed potatoes – Sajeda from Chachi’s kitchen

Whole potatoes boiled and smashed with their skins, seasoned with chilli-garlic-rosemary oil and baked until crispy.

Endimirapakaya Pappu (Red Chilli Dal) – Srivalli, Cooking for all seasons

A traditional Rayallaseema recipe made using yellow lentils (tur dal). Cooked dal is made tangy using tomatoes and tamarind, the dozen dried red chillies give it the fire. This one surely needs some company such as bland rice, only the brave-hearts can have it as it is.

Fish curry– Shn, Mishmash!

Fish curry with a Kuttanadan touch prepared Kerala style, is spiced using both fresh green chillies and red chilli powder. In Shn’s own words – “Also known as Meen Mulakittathu, Meen Vattichathu, Red Fish curry, this fish curry is made without coconut milk and it’s actually poetry in red chilly powder and Kudam-Puli / Gamboge infused with the intense and unique flavour of coconut oil and the wonderful aroma of curry leaves.”

Kerala Fish Fry - Nagalakshmi, For the Cook in Me

Fish pieces marinated in a spicy chilli paste and deep fried in coconut oil to crispy perfection.

Chidambaram Gothsu – Lavannya, Cookery Corner

Eggplant and onions cooked in a tangy tamarind gravy spiced with both red and green chillies, best served with a Tamil style Ven Pongal or even_ dosais / idlis._

Homemade citron pickle (Naarthangai Oorugai) – Bharathy, Spicy Chilly

A delicious homemade South Indian pickle made with the citron fruit spied up with fresh green chillies as well as red chilli powder, using very little oil.

Mushroom curry – Prajusha, Magic Kitchen

Mushrooms marinated in a spicy red-chilli and shallot paste, seasoned with spices and served with Indian bread like chapati.

Spicy bottlegourd fritters(Sorakaya Boorelu) – Jyothi, Andhra Spicy

Grated bottle gourd spiced up with green chillies and other condiments, mixed with rice flour, flattened into pooris and deep fried. Makes an excellent spicy snack, especially in rainy weather over hot cup of Indian spiced tea.

Spicy Sunday meal– Hima, Snackorama

A variety of spicy pizzas, made with various toppings such as pickled jalapeños, bell peppers, tomatoes and pineapples along with a yummy pasta dish made with Indian spices and of course plenty of green chillies.

Jalapeño deviled eggs - Chandrika, Akshaya Patra

These deviled eggs are truly devilish as in hot, because the yolks are spiced with jalapeño paste amongst other ingredients. The yolks turn a brilliant green colour under the influence of chillies.

Chatpatta Bhel- Anu-Sachin, A pinch of this A dash of that

A popular Indian street food made using puffed rice as a base with onions, tomatoes, potatoes and a variety of chutneys. Here it is made super spicy using both chopped green chillies and some red chilli powder.

Paneer Do Piazza - Meeta, What's for lunch honey?

A roti accompaniment with paneer as the main ingredient, cooked with two types of onions and subtly spiced with dried red chillies.

Mirchi-pudhina-cheese Parathas - Musical, Musical's Kitchen

Musical's special paratha combination where the dough is spiced with green chillies and stuffed with grated mozzarella cheese.

Masoor Dal with Mirchi - Musical, Musical's Kitchen

A Bengali recipe for dal which is spiced with green chillies and of course seasoned with paach phoron.

Batata Song(Spicy potato curry) - Ashwini, Food for Thought

A traditional Konkani recipe for a potato curry spiced with a red chilli-tamarind paste. The secret of this recipe is Byadagi chillies that impart more colour and less fire.

Bean Chilli Enchiladas - Nupur, One Hot Stove

Flour tortillas spread with salsa verde and stuffed with roasted Poblano peppers, beans and cheese makes a gooey filling dinner and tastes great when accompanied by your favourite chilled beer.

Lemon Pickle- Elle Chikki, Lemon and Chillies

A simple lemon pickle spiced with red chilli powder and allowed to mature in the sun for about 5 days, can be stored in refrigerator and used when needed.

Gobhi Manchurian - Rajitha, Hunger Pangs

Cauliflower florets dipped in batter, deep fried and rolled in a spicy chilly gravy to make this popular Indo-Chinese dish.

Bibim Guksu - Mathy, Virundhu

Mathy prepares this dish using soba noodles, loads of veggies and a spicy sauce to go with it.

Peach  lassi  with cayenne pepper – Pintoo, Zaayka

A popular Indian yogurt drink made exotic by blending in peaches and some cayenne pepper for an extra kick.

Chilli hot chocolate- Savithri, Savithri's Spot

Savithri has combined some Mayan, Parisian and Indian elements into her hot chocolate that's extra rich with melted dark chocolate and cocoa powder. Spices like cloves and cardamom give it the exotic taste and finally the pinch of chilli powder to 'kick it up another notch' as Emeril would say!!

And from yours' truly - Pavakkai Pitla, a traditional Tam Bram bitter gourd in gravy made with freshly ground spices.

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The cover of Me, DNA's Sunday Magazine Supplementsurprised me by featuring Chillies on their cover page on 5th August! Did they know of our 'hot' little secret??

JFI Chillies - Round Up

Leaving you with a great song from the band - Red Hot Chilli Peppers- who else?

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