Meals In Bowls

  • Ginger Rasam | Inji Rasam | Lentil Ginger Soup

    Ginger Rasam | Inji Rasam | Lentil Ginger Soup

    A recipe for Ginger Rasam / Easy South Indian style lentil soup with ginger There are not too many recipes where fresh ginger root is the main ingredient. There is ...

  • Savoury Baked Oats

    Savoury Baked Oats

    [Recipe for Savoury Baked Oats - Video included] We are no strangers to the abundant health benefits of oats. It makes a good, hearty, healthy breakfast, but the same old ...

  • Healthy Veg Curry Bowl

    Healthy Veg Curry Bowl

    Curry bowls are quite the rage these days. Open Pinterest or any food websites, and I'm quite sure you will find some of these gorgeous bowls loaded with healthy ingredients ...