11 Traditional Tamil Vegetarian Lunch Menus

A compilation of 11 Tamil Vegetarian Lunch Menus with links to recipes

11 Traditional Tamil Vegetarian Lunch Menus

This post is thanks to all the encouragement received by my Full-Meals project on my Instagram and Facebook. I've compiled here for you 11 menus comprising traditional Tamil vegetarian dishes. Some of them are classic combinations like Avial-Arachuvitta Sambar and some others are my own favourites. All these menus can be served with rice or cooked millets.

This menu is not written in stone. Feel free to mix and match as per your liking and availability of ingredients.

Menu 1

Menu 2

Menu 3

Menu 4

Menu 5

Menu 6

Menu 7

Menu 8

Menu 9

Menu 10

Menu 11

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