10 Best and Easy Egg Recipes

A roundup of 10 delicious Egg recipes on Saffron Trail

I can have eggs anytime of the day. Eggs are god's greatest gift to mankind (no pun intended here). They are also the greatest gift to a lazy cook, perfect for creating last minute meals. Doubling up as a rich source of protein, and a quick breakfast, they seldom fail to disappoint.

Easter, the time of the year when eggs are aplenty, calls for the perfect moment to revisit some of the old egg recipes on my blog.

10 Best and Easy Egg Recipes

So what if I'm a foodblogger? One pan meals are my favourite! Like this one...

We all love pancakes, and healthier pancakes get some more love! These are my go-to after school snack for the kid

Because we need to combine my two greatest loves in one dish! oh yeah.

This is a Mexican's version of eating eggs for breakfast - so colourful & super delicious

Because we all have those days when we ordered too much noodles from the Chinese take-away

Not your boring egg and potato salad for sure. This one is punched in its face by mustard & Indian spices.

Egg Curry + Rice = Nirvana. Agree?

This Frittata is the answer to How do I make this veggie hater eat veggies! So healthy & yum.

This is the best sandwich I have eaten on any airplane. Because I made it myself.

Boiling an egg is a lifeskill and you better learn to do it damn well!

So what's your favourite way with eggs? Tell me!

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